On the Ukraine-Russia Situation

I find it very disappointing that world leaders still use war to resolve their petty conflicts. In this case, Vladimir Putin has begun an invasion that will kill multitudes of people in order to satisfy his political goals. This is not a war that the Russian people need to fight, and many of them are voicing their opposition. The dissenters in Russia know that there is no point in fighting a war that will only kill both Ukranians and Russians at no benefit to anyone but Putin and his officers. The Kremlin has shown that it is willing to let many people die to advance its geopolitical interests. It has fabricated propaganda, broken past agreements, and transgressed Ukraine's sovereignty numerous times in order to get to this point.

To be honest, I do not know what I expected from Putin. He is a man who knows how to get what he wants, and if Ukraine is taken over, he will have succeeded. Of course Russia is going to face international opposition and even more sanctions than ever before, but Putin has made serious threats against any nation that would want to intervene militarily. Leaders like Putin should not belong in the twenty-first century. War should no longer be a tool to be used for political gain. I believe any politician who leads their people to destroy the lives and livelihoods of another people like Putin has is to be regarded as a scourge of humanity. There are already enough causes of suffering out there. People should not be adding more causes for others to suffer from.